Friday, July 31, 2009

Deekline & Wizard (video)

3 months ago Deekline & Wizard released their 2nd artist album ‘Back Up, Coming Through’ on Against The Grain records. Initial stock sold out in just days and the album continues to gather momentum as the world tunes into their unique sound. Now, fresh off the back of a hugely successful Australian tour which saw Deekline holding the front page of two major music publications, the boys are back with another big hitter.

"Bounce & Rebound" is Deekline & Wizard doing what they do best, cooking up a hot pot of raw talent to produce a sound which is totally unique yet quintessentially British. Featuring jungle institution TopCat, UK hip hop exile Fallacy, gospel singer Vic Bynoe and the jazz scat sounds of Yolanda, Bounce & Rebound is a multi genre masterpiece.

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eSc said...

These guys have been on my radar since their remix of the Freestylers - Boom Blast, which remains one of my all time favorite breaks tunes. Used to bring the house down like three years ago. Fuck I might play it tonight for old times sake. This new track def carries on in that fine tradition.

Man, oh, man how I wish there were more people turning out breaks like this, fierce but accessible, powerful, but not hard in an over the top gimmicky way.

Well done D&K, well done. And big ups DvR for pimpin breaks when you can. I know its hard.


And thanks

Darryl Von Rokk said...

Thanks man. It sure is hard to find some breaks, much less some cool ones. I do try, though....because once one hits just right, there's nothing like it.

Anonymous said...

Right there with you. Boom Blast was a hot one. Deekline's remix with Ed Solo on Shystie's "New Style" is also a very hot track. Lots of good intelligent Nu Skool breaks coming out of the UK.