Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Get Ready 2 Dance

*Peter Prësta feat. Bonsë - "Totälly Rëvamped"
Peter has revamped his 2007 hit "Totally Hooked" with some new lyrics and a fresher sound. For those not familiar with the tune, he samples Boston - "More than a Feeling"

*Big Cïty DJ - "Smälltown Boy (dj wäg drëamdance extended mix)"
Nice sounding remake, adding in some Electro-House elements.

*Madëmoiselle Lunä feat. Mister Cosmïc - Get rëady 2 dance (original mix)"
Big-Room potential.

*Ellä - "Shïne like a superstär (bässmonkeys extended mix)"
This one should appeal to the Top40/House crowd. Very nice track.

*DJs from Märs - "Don't gïve up (mars attäx mix)"
Well done track that should appeal to most DJ's.



Steven Stone said...

That Shine Like A Superstar, it's spot on. I got that Mars Attax remix a little while ago and loved it too.

Darryl Von Rokk said...

Thanks Steve. I didn't forget about that e-mail you sent, either. I'll try to reply soon.