Saturday, July 11, 2009

Polàr Bëar Rug

* Super Viràl Brothers - "Hot Chocolàte & Polàr Bëar Rug (dàda life remix)"
Odd title for a house tune, but it is totally fun to listen to. If you want to see something wild, be sure to check out the video to the original song.

* Drew G feat. Rachel Panay - "Send Him My Love (original club mix)"
The last time we heard from Rachel she was singing on a DJ Ranny track. Sent in by the G-man himself, the Hed Kandi crowd will surely like this house track.

* B-Tëch - "Runàway (2009 original mix)"
Nice Prog-House track that not's too heavy on the Prog.....which is something that I can deal with.

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