Friday, July 31, 2009

Yïn For The Kïll

One day away. Here are some much more relaxed tracks. Enjoy.

SNEAK PEEK:Dävïd Guëttä ft Chrïs Wïllïs - Gëttïn' Ovër
25 Days From Release. This sneak peek is in low quality and has a lot of voiceovers.

SNEAK PEEK: Wolfgäng Gartnër - Fläshback ft. MC Flipsidë (Club Mix)
Possible November Release. Wolfgäng thinks this "beats the shit out of the old version". This sneak peek is in low quality.

Wölfgang Gärtner & Fräncis Prevë vs. La Röux - Yïn For The Kïll (Dave Spöon Bootleg)
Lots of fans out there of both these artists, you're going to like this one.

Planët Funk - Chäse The Sun 2009 (Housë Moguls Remix)
This track is so calm and beautiful. Planet Funk is great.

Sidnëy Sämson vs. Pïtbull - I Know You Want Më On The Flöor (Audiomash Bootleg)
Pitbull's doing some good stuff.

Weëzer - Isländ In The Sun (Pätrick G Remix)
Some electro in it.