Saturday, August 29, 2009


Thought I'd put a post in this weekend since I might get overloaded by Monday with tracks. One new dance track and three reworks. Not bad. Have a great weekend. Enjoy.

Dëejane Angël D. - Nïghtflight (Hänna Hansën & Dävid Puëntez Ibïza Gläm Remix)
Dance track.

Housëboy & Henrï Leô Theïsen - To The Môôn And Back (Märty Famë Hot Summer Rework)
Sävage Gärden's 90's hit, nice house rework.

Jackvïlle - The Strôke (Lukë Francïs Remix)
Bïlly Squïer's 80's hit, gone electro house

Bëach Bôys - Good Vïbrations (Stantôn Warrïors Remix)
Great find and a real fun track


Anonymous said...

Beach Boys seems like a great mix until they fuck it up with that electro shit!!!!

Primo said...

Actually dude, it's the Beastie Boys, not the beach boys.

Second, it's a remix, not a mix. A remix is:

A mix is:

I hope you are not a DJ...If so, do your homework before making uninformed/uneducated comments.

Iury said...

Primo, actually Anonymous is right, is The Beach Boys indeed. One of the best tracks of all time!

eSc said...

Indeed, I too prefer to go all grammar/genre nazi rather than just enjoying the music.

Thanks for this steve, been huntin for it since I saw the video... love me some stantons!


MARKY MARK! said...

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch got some GOOD VIBRATIONS!

No1Betta10Me ~All Day~ said...

Who's the douchey McMuffin that said its the beastie boys? tell him to wiki hot jizz on his face

electrotone said...

wow de at the front again, thx for the stantons remix of the beach boys(or maybe it is the beastie boys - NOT!) thats going to be rather large over the summer here in oz

Andi James said...

Beach boys that track is rocking!

electrotone said...

although can we possibly get a hq rather than the you tube rip?

Anonymous said...

Yea the beach boys track is pretty dope, but wish it did not have the hard electro break. the vocals sounded good over that breakbeat!

shiestx said...

hahah primo you pwned yourseld


Anonymous said...

Well, well, Primo, looks like the dark side of your know-it-all-ism has reared its ugly head....and oh yeah, I hope you yourself are not a DJ...if so, just STFU next time!

[djsepsis] said...

uh, heh, heh....primo's a douche

Primo said...

You're right fellas, my bad. I think I was twisted when I wrote this, as the comment was rude. My apologies, will enjoy douche status for a while!!!!

I think I was referring to mix versus remix definition though..