Monday, September 14, 2009

Bïg Thïngs

Once again, I think I know these are some great tracks. Also note that ZippyShare's been acting up for a little while so I switched over momentarily. Also note that all tracks are 320kbps as always. Enjoy.

Cälvertron vs Itchy Fëet - Dwarf Pörn
Wonk/Fidget that I'm way too into. Like the lyrics and the depth of the track.

Mörgan Päge - Fïght For Yöu (DJ Dän Mix)
Incredible release with incredible remixes.

Rëmady - Bïg Thïngs (Original Mix)
Really nice electro house.

LöuLöu Players & Shäram Jey feat. Säm Obërnik - Agaïn & Agaïn (Röman Sälzger's Stark Räve Vocal Mix)

Nätural Börn Grooves feat. Thëa Austin - Bäd Bäd Bäby (Extended Mix)


DJ SIFU said...

great post, all choonz are hot for the dance floor

Anonymous said...

good find on the new download sites, i like it better than zippyshare

Steven Stone said...

It's a site that we used a while ago actaully. Except we didn't direct link.

shiestx said...

"320kbps as always?"

Steven Stone said...

As always. Out of the last 73 tracks I've posted only 3 weren't.

shiestx said...

my fault i didn't realize you upped these