Monday, September 28, 2009

Get up & Get down

*Soundpusher - "Get some (2009 original mix)" I ever love it when I come across a song that just gets my body moving. This one will seriously compete for my top ten list of 2009. It has everything that I like.
Guaranteed Eargasm!

*Dävid Guettä feat. Akon - "Sexy Bitch (chuckie & lil jon remix)"
This adds even more of a hip-hop flavor to it.

*Mike MD feat. Romy Lynn - "Gottä get down (original extended mix)"
Very catchy.

*Serial Thrillä - Get up (2009 original mix)
This one nicely samples Kool & the Gäng's "Celebration" in a non-intrusive way.


Teknikscian said...

been hitting that "sexy bitch" chuckie remix track for a while now, it does really well in the clubs. Goes great with some crookers stuff and afrojack, who is smashin the remixes lately

tek said...

wow that comment was full of grammar errors

Steven Stone said...

I love it when I get to load up on tracks straight from DE. Looking forward to listening to some of these tracks tomorrow.

And and Kopedale turned me on to that Soundpusher track, I felt the same way about it. And I only had it in 160kbps, thanks for upgrading my library quality.

Anonymous said...

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