Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good Girls Go Bad

I'm trying out a new service with the last 2 traxx that allow me to upload to several places at once. I would love to hear what you think of it.

*Cöbra Starshïp - "Good Gïrls Gö Bad (fünk genëration club mix)"
I've been waiting for a decent remix of this track...and this one will do for now.

*Crazy Cöusinz - "It's that fünky (phïl ëngland housewëst remix)"
Fun track that musically copies from Cameo's "Candy" of my favorite songs from the 80's.

*Andrëw Spencër - "Videö Killed The Radiö Star (2009 Extended Mix)"
Nice remake of The Buggles hit.

*Hött 22 - "Wïcked Games (the letting gö mix)"
Hott 22 do their best to bring this Chris Isaak hit into their awesome Disco/House realm. They succeed wonderfully!


Steven Stone said...

I'm all for using it.

DJ Rick Ross said...

Diggin' the new links on load2me. Works flawlessly :)

Anonymous said...

Still Found Myself Goin To Zippyshare!! Force Of Habit I Suposse

DJTEVA said...

Andrëw Spencër cover track of Video kill is horrible. The vocals are just horrible. I'll be embarrass to play the track in a club.

DJ Chronic said...

You're right again Doc. Hott 22 is damn fine!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I like the new upload system on this - I get to use my Rapidshare account :-) - RealJB