Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hot Hip-Hop

Great stuff for all the Hip-Hop/Top40 fans! The first 3 traxx are definitely getting played by me this weekend!

*Estër Dëan - "Dröp it Löw"

*Three 6 Mäfia feat. Kalënna - "Shäke My"

*Këri Hilson feat. Këyshia Cole & Tëyana Täylor - "Getchä Möney Up (remix)"

*Tyrëse feat. Pïtbull & Kardinäl Offishäll - "Täke Me Awäy (remix)"


DJ Rick Ross said...

Quality hip-hop post I'd like to see more. Thank you!

Anonymous said...


Would you mind reposting again HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE by Lounge Control...

I know I asked for this before, but I lost the song and I really love it.

Thanks in advance.

DjFeRReLLie said...

Take Me Away Remix... MUST HAVE Track!!!! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Nice Stuff guys, Keep it up

Dj Rico