Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rëal Love

I put a lot of tracks in the cbox yesterday and so have ya'll. If you need more music check that out. Real pleased with these tracks here today. I like 'em both for a nice dance vibe. Enjoy.

Bëatchuggers - Rëal Love (Original Mix)
Real good dance track, minimal lyrics, moving beat.

Sïdney Sämson - Shäke And Rock Thïs (Club Mix)
Real good dance track again. Electro house.


DJ SIFU said...
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DJ SIFU said...

Bëatchuggers - Rëal Love (Original Mix) workz real well on the dance floor

DJ SIFU said...

Sïdney Sämson - Shäke And Rock Thïs (Club Mix) is a good choon & both will be on my next live mix cd to hear all my live mix CDZ go to

Dan King said...

If you want to hear a sick track, Listen to Sidney Samson - Riverside. It is filthy.