Monday, September 28, 2009


Four very good remixes.

*Fränkie goes 2 Hollywood - "Rel@x (2009 spencer and hill remix)"
Hard not to like a S&H remix....and they certainly don't disappoint with this one.

*Fränkie goes 2 Hollywood - "Rel@x (2009 scott storch mix)"
I love what Scott has done with this one. He slows the groove down a little and gives it a funky kind of beat. Nice for the start of the evening...or to wind it down. Very impressive.

*Fränkie goes 2 Hollywood - "Rel@x (2009 lmc remix)"

*Fränkie goes 2 Hollywood - "Rel@x (2009 chicäne full mix)"


Sheikey said...

Link 4 is "Filthy_Rich_-_Music_is_moving_2009_original_mix.."

Steven Stone said...

Thanks Sheikey, it's been fixed.

Darryl Von Rokk said...

Thanks, Steve.

Anonymous said...

The LMC mix is just how I like it. Not to much sound effects, pretty close to the original but with a hard fat beat. Mix #4 is also very nice. Isn't it amazing how this song always comes on top when remixed.