Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dïrty Wöman

It's late night here and I just got a hold of some new tracks in my new batch of music. By the way, there are some wild mashups out right now. Enjoy these tracks.

The Onë Hundred - Brëak Me Döwn (Club Mix)
Hard work in the cBox paid off big with this one. Damn good house.

Pïmp Röckers - I Wänna Dïrty Wöman (Original Mix)
Head nodding, good solid dance music.

Blöodhound Gäng - Bäd Touch (Wïcked DJs Remix)
Nicely done remix of this well-known track. Great for drunk dancers.

DBN & Tömmy Träsh ft Mïchael Fëiner - Stärs (DBN Remix)
Get lost in dance music, this one sounds pretty big.

Däve Spöon - The Sëcret (Original Mix)
Not my usual addition, but I had this on repeat while I was working on the post and it had my head bouncing. Instrumental, continually building energy.


DJ Shaun said...

check this mix out ...

Damm Good

The One Hundred - Break Me Down (Wez Clarke Remix).mp3


Shaun V


thanks alot!! sum great tracks in this post