Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gët U Home

We're definitely back to work after the long weekend. Some phenomenal tracks for you today as well. Enjoy.

Shwäyze ft LMFAO - Gët U Home (Pärty Rock Remix)
The typical good stuff coming from the remixers.

Shwäyze - Gët U Home (Alän Wïlkis Remix)
Couldn't be more of a different remix, hard, but with 80's pop sounds to it.

Säturday Nïght Hustlers - In Thë Club (Original Mix)
Armänd's You Don't Evën Know Më sample, some hip-hop styled vocals.

Europe - The Fïnal Cöuntdown (DJ Zäm Remix)
Between the epicness of the original and Zäm's typical electro remix talent, it's a hit.

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Anonymous said...

Party rock remix is amazing great song