Thursday, December 10, 2009

Excuse Më

These picture are always ridiculous, though now I kinda like 'em. Anyways, I've got some solid tracks. Enjoy.

Dävid Pënn & Röbert Gäez ft Shëilah Cuffy - Dëep Insïde (Nïck & Dänny Chätelain Remix)
Solid track.

The Iän Cärey Pröject - Gët Shäky (ëSquire Remix)
Another great remix from a very talented man.

Spëncer & Hïll - Excuse Më (Original Mix)
I'll have to listen in more but it doesn't sound as huge as I'd expect. It has a hiccup and a voice-over as well.

Lä Röux - In För The Kïll (Iänizer & Lëmethy Remix)
A very nasty electro remix.


DJ said...

Excuse me link just loops you back to the page lol.

Anonymous said...

same here
but anyway, nice tracks

Steven Stone said...

I decided I ought to just pull it since it has a voiceover and a blip. Don't want anyone to accidently drop the preview in a live set.

Anonymous said...

paren ya de una puta vez de enviar publicidad de

a youlovehousemusic o yo seguire metinedo su publicidad aqui.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for these great tracks! I love your selections and it drives them nuts here at the Mine when I play something from you guys.