Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gët A Rëaction

I need to get caught up on DE tracks. Darryl's massive onslaught today has me very excited. I needed to drop these tracks from my playlist, all top notch. Enjoy.

Flämboyant Bëlla - Gët A Rëaction (Breakdown Vocal Remix)
Playful, electro-house, something different too.

Dävid Guëtta vs Axwëll & Dïrty Söuth - The Wörld Is Mïne 09 (Pëtya-8 Bootleg)
Damn good/big mashup.

Späce Cöwboy ft Päradiso Gïrls - I Cäme 2 Pärty (Stärkillers Remix)
Definitely a party track. Definitely electro.

Jës - Lövesong (Cösmic Gäte Remix)
A great trance remix of The Cure's hit.

Lädy Gäga - Bäd Romänce (Fëlippe Sënne Remix)
Bandwagon posting here. I like Felippe's version a lot.

1 comment:

Dj Setro said...

I'm stealing 2 songs:

Came 2 party is a bomb. Melted my brain.

Jes is an awesome vocalist and Cosmic Gate is just pro at trance. The outcome is simple, beautiful vocal trance.