Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Von Rokk 20 of 2009

Well, 2009 definitely turned out to be the year of Electro-House for me, much to the chagrin of some of our visitors.....though I did start to notice in the month of December some much better House Music coming out.

Here now are your 20 Guaranteed Eargasms for 2009

1. Ultra Flirt - "The time is now (2009 max k remix)"

2. Bad Boy Bill feat. Alyssa Palmer - "Falling Anthem (herve's we are a beautiful disaster remix)"

3. Bryce - "Rock On (2009 finger and kadel mix)"

4. Soundpusher - "Get some (2009 original mix)"

5. Superpolitik - "Break it down (2009 original mix)"

6. Egohead Deluxe - "Killer Emotion (2009 club mix)"

7. Rudenko - "Everybody (2009 club mix)"

8. Laurent Wolf - "Walk the line (2009 club mix)"

9. David May - "Superstar (2009 extended mix)"

10. David Guetta feat. Akon - "Sexy Bitch (extended mix)"

11. Duwayne Motley - "Come Get Me (zoltan kontes & jerome robins mix)"

12. Che DuBois - "Freaky To Me (electric soulside mix)"

13. Hirshee feat. Messinian - "Burn it up (original mix)"

14. Stereotype (ctrl-z and screwface) feat. Tali - "Under my skin (original mix)"

15. Sticks - "Bang The Beat (houseshaker electro mix)"

16. The Ian Carey Project - "Get Shaky (rawdirt remix)"

17. Wrecker - "Tear the roof off (2009 original mix)"

18. Dandyskills - "Default Groove (2009 original mix)"

19. GeRich feat Dirty Bass project - "What Would..."

20. Marc Leaf - "Can't Stop This Feeling (luvstuff remix)"

The following just missed the cut!

Khan Edison - "Harlow Gold"
Cut and Run - "The Doc (part 1)"
DJ Opium - "Juice (Original Mix)"
3shift - "Hey Bitch (2009 white rework)"
Candy Girl - "Yeah! (Electrophunk Remix)"
Victor Imbres feat. Michaela Paige - "TNT"
Bodybangers - "Bodytalk (2009 bigroom mix)"
Yvel and Tristan - "Heart & Soul (2009 original mix)"
Arnold Palmer - "Tripping (2009 dave ramone remix)"
Snap - "Rhythm is a dancer (2009 armand van helden remix)"
David Bas & Nick Sinckler - "Feel This Love (Funkk Frikz Remix)"
Klaas Meets Haddaway - "What Is Love 2K9 (fee dee bootleg mix)"
Wheels & Disco feat. Mighty Marvin - "Good Times (e-squire mix)"
Kidbass feat. Sincere - "Goodgirls love rudeboys (original club mix)"
Undercover Lover - "Who's been sleeping in my bed (2009 club mix)"
Super Viral Brothers - "Hot Chocolate & Polar Bear Rug (dada life remix)"
Dab feat. Sushy - "Grease (2009 diego abaribi & paolo sandrini club mix)"

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Steven Stone said...

Good call with Duwayne Motley, at the start of the year I'd listen to that on repeat.