Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cöntrolling Me

Alright. Scrounged through the muck and found some decent, scratch that, kickass tracks. I also treated myself to a great release from last year that never picked up steam. Enjoy the quality.

Evërything But The Gïrl - Dëserts Mïss The Räin (DJ DLG Fantasy Mix)
Great remix of the original 90s beast. A little 80s noise, and prog house feel keeps it real.

Mïna Jäckson, Börn to Funk - USAY (Guy Röbin's Electric Vocal Mix)
Big house sound.

Röb Tëchnic - Cöntrolling Me (Chrïstian Dävies Remix)
House. Expecting Chrïstian to kill it in 2010.

Röb Tëchnic - Cöntrolling Me (Däz Bäiley Remix)
Progressive house. Great, great stuff.

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