Monday, March 29, 2010

South Beach

Here are a few remakes/reworqz that you might be interested in.

Erick Mayer - "Like a prayer (ranucci and pelusi mix)"

Paul Ahi - "South Beach (original mix)"
This Prog-Electro-House track doesn't sample sraight from Will Smith's "Miami", but it does use some of that song's lyrics.

Qika - "I'm So Excited (coffee extended mix)"

FLIP - "Stomp (All Night) [aboutblank & klc remix]"

Bootmasters - "Friends (just be good to me) [2010 andy la toggo back to the school cut)"


twyst1200 said...

darryl, there was a breakbeat version of the "girls" track released a while back (not sure if it was posted here or not) and I lost it during my most recent hard drive crash, any idea which version i'm talking about?
it begins very minimal with just the bass riding during the first verse, then starts hitting hard after.

twyst1200 said...

i apologize, i meant the "friends" track. i believe that breakbeat version used the vocals from the original version.

Darryl Von Rokk said...

Would it have been this?

Groove Diggerz - "Just be good to me (2009 vocal mix)"

twyst1200 said...

right on the head, thanks darryl, this version is absolutely bananas!

Darryl Von Rokk said...

I'm glad I could help, man!