Monday, April 12, 2010

Bläst Off!

Another weekend has come and gone. Another couple of days here to pick up the pieces and gear up to do it all again. Here's a few tracks to start the week off right. This is also my 199th post, and you better believe that I'll make my 200th unforgettable. Enjoy.

Läzy Rïch & Hïrshee ft Lïzzie Cürious - Bläst Off! (Original Mix)
If you see Hïrshee on a track it's dirty electro, the vocals keep the madness in check.

JD Dävis & DJ Rälph - Gööd Thïng (Gëorge Acösta Mix)
Not quite the focus on vocals that Güetta gave him, nice club trancey house track though.

Rëd Fläg Pröductions - Këëpin' Ghösts Wärm
Sëan Päul v. Dëadmäu5, very well-fitting mashup.

Axmäu5 - Tögether Ströbe (Räve Rädio Bootleg)

Axwell v. Dëadmäu5, laidback since the backbeat is Ströbe.


Kopedale said...

blast off is seriously ill.

Steven Stone said...

it's got that classic house kinda vocals and then breaks down into dirty electro. Thanks Kope.