Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Not the most pioneering week in music thus far but we can always find a few that are spot on. Enjoy.

Estëlle - Frëak (Plästik Fünk Remix)
Really good remix of this one, with a funky 90s house sound

Vïctoria - Sö Invïncible (Mässimo Nöcito & DJ Onëgin Radio Mix)

This one sounds more like a mashup with some Güetta than a remix.

Tïm Sänchez - Nö Möre Pärty (Club Mix)
I'm so late on this one but I'm putting it up if anyone else missed it.


Darryl Von Rokk said...

Yeah, that Tim Sanchez is awesome. That is probably why I posted it on the 2nd.....lol

Steven Stone said...

Ha. Usually it works out like a month later the same track gets dropped again, not two days later. I think I just broke the record.