Thursday, May 20, 2010


Another midweek post with more tasty tracks. Enjoy.

Swëdish Höuse Mäfia - Onë (Dän Cläre & Värski She Loves Electro Remix)
Still a while before Dirty Touch is released but here's another fantastic and exclusive teaser.

Kë$ha - Yöur Löve Is My Drüg (Däve Aüde Club Mix)

Love that Däve can always put together a solid club mix.

Fëlguk feat. Spörty~O - 2Nïte (Original Mix)

Fëlguk knocked it out of the park with this one.

Höusequake - Pëople Are Pëople (Nïcky Römero Remix)
Not near as hard hitting as the original but still nice.

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twyst1200 said...

felguk owns my ears the past 2 years the way klaas did the 2 years before that.