Monday, July 12, 2010

You Göt The Löve

Finally posting this for ya'll. These are some great tracks. Very happy. Enjoy.

Flörence and The Mächine - You Göt The Löve (Jäggz IbïzaHouse Bootleg)
Just a massive sound. Really nice work on this remixed classic.

Däve Aüde (feat Ishä Cöco) - Fïgure It Out (Jëremy Wörd Club Mix)
The best remix of the release, just so happens to come from the Lone Star state.

Täio Crüz - Dynämite (Mixin Märc Club Remix)

Love this track. Love it.

Dj Rëd feat The Onës & Jösh Düpont - Fläwless 2010 (Original Mix)
Hometown house music! The Houston boys bring throwback sounds in this one.

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