Monday, September 27, 2010


More Dubstep delights to destroy your speakers to!

Specïmen A - "Cöld As Icë"
Nice job with this Foreigner hit!

Magnetïc Man - "I Need Aïr"
Not as heavy sounding as the others, but still great. Has a nice Top40-Club feel to it!

Chäse Stätus feat. Malï - "Lët You Go (nëro remix)"
I am quickly finding out that Nero is "The Man" when it comes to dubstep remixes!

Whëre's Hueÿ feat. Andrëa Brïtton - "Staÿ (specïmen A's dubstepïn remix)

Laïd Bläk - "Rëd (chasïng shädows remix)"

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