Sunday, November 28, 2010

I love you so

Cassïus - "I Löve Yöu Sö"
Slow, pretty & hypnotic. Stunning track from Cassïus!!

Unclübbed feat. Andrew Roachförd - "You Göt The Löve (2010 nachö marcö remix)"
Awhile back, I coined the term "Seat Boogie Song" for any track that you played at the beginning of the night that wasn't necessarily one that would be danced to, but would get people moving in their seats because the groove was so good. This is one those songs!

Roger Sänchez & Far Eäst Movement feat. Känobby - "2Gëther (2010 sïdney sämson remix)"

Kurtïs Blow & Mephïsto - "In The Näme Of Love (2010 Original Mix)"
Samples: Diana Ross & the Supremes - "Stop (in the name of love)"

Moussä Clärke & John Ashbÿ - "And The Beät Goes On (Funk L'Amoür Remix)"
The Whispers


twyst1200 said...

1st two tracks get my thumbs WAY UP! good stuff man.

Darryl Von Rokk said...

Thanks, man!!