Friday, December 3, 2010

Apple Bottom Booty Breaks

Sporty-O feat. Porscha - Apple Bottom Booty (DJ Chaos Remix)
This Track has been blowing up in the Breaks & Club scene for quite sometime!

Cali Swag District - Teach Me How To Dougie (Mr Gray's Dubstep mix)
Best Remix of this track by far!

Missy Elliott feat. Gucci Mane - Freak On 2011 (Dialated Eyez Remix)
Nice update! love the Dubstep elements and dirty bassline!

Fixx & Nimbus Feat. Teddy MC - Big Shot

Cam'ron feat. Ludacris, Trina & U.G.K - What Means The World To You (Dialated Eyez VS DJ Chaos Remix)
Get the ladies on the dancefloor with this one!

Kick Us Out (Hyper Crush Remix)
New one from Hyper Crush! Love the Dubstep elements, Thanks guys!

1 comment:

twyst1200 said...

Teach Me How To Dougie Remix is actually a mash up. Bassnectar - Bass Head is the track under the vocals. But VERY cool nonetheless. Great post!