Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dirtÿ Funk

Happy that Ronn made it back, team DE is getting stronger everyday ;)

BTW where's Steve? :)

"Doc Trashz Vs Jefferson Airplane - Somebodÿ To Love (2k10 Reboot)"
This version sounds better than the other remix IMO.

"Läurënt Simëcä - Dirtÿ Funk"
I love the sound of this one, very heavy.

"Spÿ The Ghost - Sexÿ Tangö 2010 (Radio Version)"
Why now some Tango for a change ;) It's a radio version but it's not like you're going to need the club version anyway ;)

"Yoländä Bë Cööl & Dcüp - Nëw Yörk 1950 (Original Mix)"
I'm having fun with these old time remixes nowadays.


Steven Stone said...

I'm up to no good Sinister, the usual.

Dr Sinister said...

Hehehey ... ;) I was just wondering where you've been since everyone seems to come back this week ...

soxxi said...

i cant believe how blatantly yolanda and dcup ripped off riva starr .... poor guy