Monday, December 13, 2010

Top 40 Stuff

Here you go people, some Top 40 remixes. Not necessarily my cup of tea, but I thought some people could enjoy ;)

Fär Eäst Movëmënt Ft. Thë Cataracs - Likë A G6 (The Përëz Brothërs Remix)
Nice club sound as usual for The Perez Brothers. Now if people could get rid of that damn Chuckie sound, I can't stand it anymore.

Kë$hä - Wë R Who Wë R (DJ Mëga Man & Pänic Cïty Rëmix)
Once again club sound, if you need a different remix, this one's a little on the proggy side.

Nëlly Fürtädo - Nïght Is Young (Skëtch Iz Dëad Clüb Mix)
This is a remix of Mrs Furtado's new release, I chose this one because it sounds like prog-trance with some cheesy rap thrown in, sounds like a nice Euro tune from the 90's :)

1 comment:

Mike said...

Kesha is great. People that give her a hard time are just jealous of her talent.