Monday, February 21, 2011

Disco Bomb

I have added a link at the top to our Facebook page. I will be posting traxx over there that will not be posted here....but I will continue to post the ones I consider Eargasm-worthy right here....much like these!

Fïrebeatz - "It's lïke that (2011 original mix)"

Awesome reworq of the Run-DMC track!

Marïo Chrïs - "Dïsco Bomb (2011 original mix)"

The Bomb (these sounds fall into my mind)

Iän Careÿ feat. Snöop Dögg & Bobby Anthonÿ - "Last Nïght (2011 extended mix)"

Jeremÿ Hïlls - "Frïday Night (club mix)"

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