Monday, March 28, 2011

Kissed a Girl

Katÿ Perrÿ - "I Kïssed A Girl (2011 stëfan zweïg remix)"

Stefan takes the Klaas route. Not sure if it works completely, but I fall for this style everytime.

...speaking of Klaas!

Remadÿ feat. Manu L - "If You Belïeve (kläas radio edit)"

Manÿus & Paolö Di Mirö - "Midnïght (p. di mirö elektrorock mix)"

Fullhöuse - "Bëat Is On (paperboÿ & mïke even club mix)"


twyst1200 said...

Darryl, huge fan of Klaas-ess style production and maybe it's the track itself, but i've played this twice live and it definitely works. You are always posting gems and this one is no exception. Awesome post!

Darryl Von Rokk said...

Awesome! I'm glad that the song worked for you. I was concerned about the vocals matching up with the beat in some of the spots, but I guess it doesn't really matter