Friday, May 27, 2011

The Bees Knees

Sébastiën Légër - Bëes (Original Mix)
I mean, who needs sytnths when you have bees? Interesting track. 
I wish more producers would branch out a bit with their samples.

Bonus beats:
Dïddy-Dïrty Möney feat. Swïzz Bëatz - Ass on the Flöor (Zëdd Remix)
Frederïk Mooïj - The Rëalness (Hïrshee Remix)
Swëdish Housë Mafïa - öne (Chuckïe Whïte Strïpes Edit)
RLP & Barbara Tuckër feat. Lïl Jön - R.ë.S.P.E.C.T. (r|p & ä.k. ext. mix)
Electrochïc - Dïrty Sëx Möney (Marïo Spraÿ Remix)
Hey, I wondered what the vocalist from "satisfaction" was doing these days... bwahahaha!

Oh and...Shot in the dark, but has anyone else ever had problems with pioneer HDJ-1000 headphones? I have been through a couple pair in the last year and in both the cord goes "bad" and I only get audio in the right can (the one opposite where the cord connects). Had a technician pull one apart and he basically threw up his hands, said the cord was "bad". Any recommendations for a good pair of gigging ear goggles, preferably under $200 and with a 50mm driver?


Anonymous said...

that bees gif is hysterical!

Che said...

@headphone issue...

i've had a pair of technics rp dh 1200's for 6 years, they were stolen last year so replaced them with exactly the same thing.

top quality stuff!
53 mm driver iirc, high input impedance, replaceable cord and earpads so IF anything does go "bad" u dont lose the whole piece

just my two cents ;)