Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Body Sweàt

Great day for finding music. Some really fun and good stuff to add into the mix today. Enjoy.

Dïrty South vs. Red Hot Chïli Pêppers - We Are Calïfornia (Eddie Thoneïck Bootleg)
RCHP will always get the crowd going.

Hïlary Duff - Any Othêr Day (Richard Vïssion Remix)
Real nice sound.

Dïva and Jones - Thrïller (Davïd Jones Mix)

A little House filler track that'll go over well.

Lucky Chàrmes & Tony Vêrdult - Body Sweàt (Original Mix)
Work well in the club.

Sound Machïne - In My Mïnd (Original Mix)
Some instrumental electro.

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