Thursday, July 23, 2009

Touch Me

I have a few nice reworqz/remakes for you...and one original with some cool soundz.

*Martin Vïlleneuve - "Mr Roböto (2009 zöltan köntes mix)"
Nice Electro-house tune that samples the Styx hit.

*Julïan the Angèl - "Swèet chïld of mine (2009 original mix)"

*Sharam Jey feat. Nïk Valentïno - "In my blööd (larry teè & alèxander technïque remix)"
Love the beat on this one. Really stands out.

*Nightshïfterz vs Marïk - "Touch mê (all night long) [rïco bernasconï at vïnterra remix]"


radiorick2003 said...

love this upload. Thanks!

Darryl Von Rokk said...

Thanks....I have a couple more coming up that you might enjoy as well.

DJ Steve Brown said...

Mr Roboto is a bomb !! old souvenirs remake for todays generation ;)
I'm also proud to say that both Martin Villeneuve & Zoltan are awsome producers from the great region of Outaouais Qc (my hometown)

We are lucky to be well represent Internationally by those great DJs\Producers

eSc said...

"Love the beat on this one. Really stands out."

Sounds like Paranomia by Art of Noise. KInda...