Tuesday, August 4, 2009


This post is absolutely packed. Amazed at the quality of tracks today. Enjoy.

Aerosmïth - Drëam On (BeMäx & Whillïam Rise Remix)
Phenomenal. Nuff said.

Medïna - You & I (Spëncer & Hïll Remix)
Everything comes together perfectly in this one.

Junïor Sanchëz feat. Good Chärlotte - Elevätor (Laïdback Lukë Remix)
Can see this one doing real well in the clubs, especially if you mix a bomb in behind it.

Gorïllaz - Fëel Good (DJ Rän & DJ Vïduta Remix)
Nice breakdown that'll make everyone flip.

Gigï Bärocco & Icë MC - Thïnk About The Way 2k9 (Spëncer & Hïll Remix)
That nasty electro house sound that S & H does so well.

Gentäni ft. Spotnïk - Afrïca is Mine
Rework of Toto's hit from the 80's.


exzile said...

That's What I am Talking About Bro More Break Tracks and Remixs, Electro House Tracks Are great But Break-beats are scarced right now, So The Love Please!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, for all the great remixes you post here... Simply amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

this site is a hell of a lot more clearer............thank u

adam j

radiorick2003 said...

As always, you don't disappoint!

DJMASINC said...

yes mad props to the new site ...you guys rock thanks...

Anonymous said...

This is a real cool post. Thanks a lot!!!

CodenameJ said...

sick sick tracks, keep them coming man....