Monday, August 3, 2009

Hot Breakz

For our good friend eSc.

*The Deceptïconz - "Go Awäy (2009 original mix)"
Nice accessible Breakz that even the House-Headz could possibly enjoy!

*Supërpolitik - "Breäk it down (2009 original mix)"
A little heavier than the first one, but we like it that way! This will get the headz bopping!

*Andrëw Frïendly feat. Fast Eddïe - "It's the weekënd (breaks vocal version)"
Hot Breakz-Hop for all the cool clubs!


electrotone said...

more breakz pretty please!
thanks again guys....

eSc said...

Whoah! Big ups Von Rokk! Been off line in california for the last week or I would have thanked you sooner.

This is exactly what Im talking about!

Versianni said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Versianni said... last comment didn´t appear correct!
Anyways...breaks, breaks, breaks!!!
At least once a week will be great!
Thanks in advance!