Monday, August 3, 2009


*Alex Barattïni vs Electrïc Lïght Orchesträ - "Last traïn to löndon (2009 club mix)"

*Bäcon Pöpper - "Free 2009 (mats remix)"
I'm not a fan of U2, especially the song that is sampled ("New Year's Day") in this otherwise enjoyable Electro-House track.

*Bòss in Dräma - "Favorïte Song (the kids are radioactive remix)"
Jordan Elliot aka The Kids Are Radioactive, is an up & coming Producer & DJ in Los Angeles who has let me know that he has some very cool things coming up in the next few months. He was recently signed to Binary Records, and will have one of his original traxx ("Perpetual Drag") released on a compilation called "L.A. Lights" keep an eye out for that.

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Anonymous said...

Loving the ELO remix, this is simply good time dance music!