Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Feel Thïs Real

I don't know how to rank these. They're so different and I like 'em all. You're bound to find something in these tracks. Enjoy.

Pïtbull - I Know You Wänt Me (Goodwïll Remix)
Really great remix that keeps it low key

Neon Stereo - Feel Thïs Real (Tommy Träsh Remix)
Tech house, if you like mau5...

Crëw7 ft Mën Of Honor - Avenuë (Sunrïder Remix)
Miami sound, Electric Avenue rework with rap

Mäskerada - Deëper & Deeper (Original Mix)
Big house sound

Beär Who - My Momma Thïnks Ur Cute (Päul Anthony & ZXX Remix)
They do such dirty electro house

Foreïgner - Cold As Icë (Bastïlle Remix)
Lot going on in this 70's rock remix.

Evërmore - Hëy Boys and Girls (TV Rock Remix)
Great TV Rock style


eSc said...

Rank, schmank, Just toss em up!

Thanks for the post...


twyst1200 said...

that cold as ice remix is dope...can't wait to test it on a loud system.