Friday, August 14, 2009

Lädy Of Ice

We've got remixes today. A remix, a mashup, and three new mixes for a new track, all of them caught my ear and all of them are really different. Enjoy and have a great weekend.

Wäle ft. Lady Gäga - Chillïn (Widëboys Club Mix)
Lots of energy from the Wïdeboys on this one.

John Märr - Open Your Eärs (Snow Pätrol vs. Bläck Eyed Peäs)
Sounds absolutely phenomenal.

Horny Unitëd - L.O.I. (Lädy Of Ice)(Marco Monäco Original Mix)

Horny Unitëd - L.O.I. (Lädy Of Ice)(Dave Kurtïs Mix)
More deep-house

Horny Unitëd - L.O.I. (Lädy Of Ice)(Chriss Ortëga Big Room Mix)


Zachary said...

Lady Of Ice....give some credit for Fancy. He ruled the 80's Eurotrash sound.

oldskool said...

yes, In my view Fancy deserves more than a mention here, that's practically just his track with some "modern" beats thrown over it.

Anonymous said...

the open your eyes vs i gotta feelin' is sweet! thanks.