Friday, August 7, 2009

I Wänna Go Cräzy

Well here's another two off the new album to be released on the 24th. Still a lot more collaborations that I'm wanting to hear off it. More Kelly Rowland, Chris Willis,, Kid Cudi, and more. Also, Guetta's pushing hard for DJMag's #1 spot putting out a youtube video entitled "One Love, One Vote." Click here to watch

Davïd Guëtta ft. wïll.i.äm - I Wänna Go Cräzy
"New Guëtta track with wïll.i.äm, Sounds fackin amazing!"

Davïd Guëtta ft. Estëlle - So Touch Më
I've been holding onto this one for a long time because of some doubts. But now it looks like those are dead and gone. Anyways, this one will really grow on you.


Martin said...

Thanx Man for this great music... :)

Anonymous said...

is that really Estelle? it doesnt even sound like her