Friday, August 7, 2009

Gïrl vs. Boy

Wow. Real good stuff for ya'll in this one. This Boy vs. Girl track has a lot of great remixes, on top of that Roger-M put out a nice bootleg and someone finally made and Erika Jayne track cool. No pop in this post at all. Just house. Enjoy.

Erika Jäyne - Roller Coäster (Dave Pezzä Electro Club Mix)
Little dark, sounds great.

Prydä feat. Julie McKnïght - Home (Rogër-M Bootleg Mix)
Roger-M did well here. Love that yellow brick road.

Jono Fernändez feat. Tim Wätson - Gïrl vs. Boy (Nick Galeä Remix)
Great track, great vocals, great beat, great sound.

Jono Fernändez feat. Tim Wätson - Gïrl vs. Boy (Bläze Tripp Womänizer Remix)
Will sound great in the club in a mix.

Jono Fernändez feat. Tim Wätson - Gïrl vs. Boy (Lïfe Music's Ständ Up Tall Remix)
Ditto for this one.


Anonymous said...

the pryda link has got a weird name considering the track it leads to

james mcdermott said...

i love music especially from digital eargasm,, this is where i get my ear sex from (:(: xP

Darryl Von Rokk said...

Thanks....that is what an Eargasm is!

daniel said...

the pryda link is wrong it leads to a swedish house mafia song which is also good but i found the pryda tune here it is
if for some reason that link doesnt work then message me at and ill upload it elsewhere