Friday, August 7, 2009

Somëthing About You

*Alex Aliceä feat. Lesley Cärter - "Pulling me bäck"
Catchy & hypnotic.

*DJ Eäko & Robert Livesù - "You make me cräzy (eäko & morëlly club mix)"

*Dùstin Hùlton & Nikki Cärabello - "Somëthing about you (2009 original mix)"
Anyone up for some nice Fidget-Breakz? I would love to hear a straight ahead Electro-House remix of this, too.

*Läroux - "Bullëtproof (Razor N Guido vocal remix)"
It was nice of Guido to let me know that he likes the new look of the well as send me this nice remix!

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