Monday, August 10, 2009

No Survivor

Now that we're back from the weekend, it's time to get settled into a few new tracks. The title track won't be released for another four months or so, Guetta's finally getting remixed and not just extended, and we've got three more for good measure. Enjoy.

David Guettä - Sëxy Bitch feat. Akon (Abël Ramos Atlänta With Love Remix)
Real glad to hear some remixes of this one.

Olë Van Dänsk - How I Wish 2009 (DJs From Märs Remix)
Love the vocals.

Gläsnost - No Survivor
Real nice funky indie electro with great vocals.

S & H Projëct - Bob the Radïo (Jönes Extended Bootleg Remix)
Not enough remixes of S & H tracks.

DJ Antoinë vs Mäd Mark - Hoùsework City (El3ctronïght Edit)
From our friends comes a nice Gùns 'N' Röses mix.

1 comment:

Jack said...

The Guns-N-Roses Remix is SWEET love it man!