Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rhÿthm is a Däncer

*Snäp - "Rhÿthm is a däncer (2009 ärmand vän heldën remix)"
I have been waiting for an awesome remix of this for quite sometime, and who should accomplish it? Armand himself! This should get slammed onto every dancefloor out there!


djdeeds said...

Hey, this is a great remix and will do well on the floors.I listened to it over and over again trying to figure out how to slip it into one of my 'usual' sets and will give it a fair go, what a STYLE, and certainly remixed for todays crowds. I have always said that a remix just isn't a remix unless it "sounds" like a remix and this certainly IS a very different take on the tune and different indeed!

Darryl Von Rokk said...

Yeah, I think he keeps it recognizable enough for people who want to hear the original soundz, but he certainly added some great elements to it.

DJ DA PIERRE said...

This is what i call a remix...!! Fanastic. Grtz from Belgium

Dj Krisp said...

Didn't like it at first but NOW!!!!
It's unstoppable..What it'll do to your floors!!!
Dont miss out on this.

DJTEVA said...

Good circuit beat but I can do without that horrible nintendo riff added. The built up is just all over the place. This is a remix that needs to be re remix with better arrangement and better filter elements but a nice start.

Anonymous said...

Good remix but the quality sounds terrible... any one have a better quality version???