Sunday, October 4, 2009

Yöur Bödy

So sorry for not posting much this week. Darryl's been killing it though. It's not like I haven't been finding some of the best house tracks of the year, I just haven't had the time to post. But things change. Tonight I made time, and I'm sharing some great tracks. Enjoy.

Ivän Bröoks - Nïce Gïrl (Scölin's "Summer Dreäm Gïrl" Remix)
Our good friend does work. Been playing this one on repeat.

Töm Növy - Yöur Bödy (Bërnardo Mälta & Felïppe Senne Bootleg Remix)
Our good friend Felippe Senne does work.

The Tëmper Träp - Sweet Dïrty Dreams Dïsposition (Väl Költon Mashup Remix)
This'll go over real well.

Märtin Sölveig - Böys & Gïrls feat. Drägonette (Bärt B Möre Däns Tës Rave Remix)
Loved the original and finally we got a good remix of it.

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