Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Room Service

Great extended weekend, thanks to Labor Day, pushed back posting. Today we have Dëadmau5 with lyrics, Pïtbull upgraded, some progressive dance, Major Lazër's twin, and a song from cartoons that got remixed. Enjoy.

Deädmau5 ft. Rob Swïre - Ghosts N Stuff (Vocal Mix)
Nice addition of lyrics.

Pïtbull - Hotël Room Service (Trickbäbies Remix)
Another good remix to go with Marc M.K. Kinchën's and Mike Colë's.

Fïlthy Rich - Luvstruck (Bënny Royäl Remix)
A nice vocal-free proggy dance track.

Chëlley - Took The Nïght (Alväro Remix)
Reminds me of Pon Dë Floor.

Dë Bos, Rälvero, Silencë - Mexicän On the Run (Mïtch Vicë Mashup)
Very familiar sample in it.

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Dan said...

Deadmau5 is down...