Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Cän Feel

I'm banking on some of ya'll really liking a track in here. Enjoy.

Davïd Deejay ft Elä Rose - I Cän Feel (Därone Remix)
Like the soft vocal breakdown in this nice house track.

Rïck Ross - Hustlïn (The Dïsco Vïllains Fresco Remix)
Ghettotech electro remix.

The Rïvera Project - Säx Hëaven ft Lïzzie Curïous (Alëx Gaudïno & Jërry Rooney Mix)
Little tech, funky, electro all-in-one


twyst1200 said...

yep, the first 2 tracks are really dope...first track wants to get angry and electro but the vocals keep that tiger tamed. 2nd track is primetime action for the hiphop/dance crowd. great post steve.

Anonymous said...

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dj ozone said...

great track have to agree this is a little gem of a track great and will do well on dancefloors