Thursday, October 22, 2009

Give Me Tonight

Some real good tracks today from all over and crossing most all genres. Enjoy.

Tiësto - Knöck You Döwn (Scolin Remix) delivers again on this one.

Shännon vs Marïo Ochöa - Give Më Tönight 2008 (Dj Wöpe Private Remix)
Reseached into the other day's tracks and found this one. Thanks Dodger.

Vënus Jones - Obsëssed (Funkk Frïkz Remix)
Real nice dance track, electro rework of Märiah Carëy.

Afrïka Bämbaataa - Just Gët Up And Dance (K J Frëak 2009 Remix)
Electro-house goodness.

Huey Lëwis & The Nëws - The Pöwer Of Löve (Jördan Remix)
Electro with two long snippets of vocals from the original.


dj steven b said...

Hey Guys, Dj Steven B here. I just wanted to say that I love the tracks, Especially the Power of love, it has some banging breakdowns that I really gets the dance floor jumpin. I tried it this weekend and they went crazy.

DJ said...

Thanks Steve!!!!!!!!!