Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ständ Up

Hodgepodge. This post is all over the place because there's not a lot of killer electro-house tracks coming out this week. So enjoy the momentary change in normalcy.

Bëat Assassïns vs. Ludäcris - Ständ Up (Club Mix)
Dream found a good one in this Ludäcris mashup.

Jöhn O'Callaghan feat. Audrey Gällagher - Täke It All Away (Märcus Schössow Nu Prog Remix)
Trance. The best vocals in the business.

Kïd Mässive - Töuch Më (In Thë Morning) (Avïcii's Mässive Mix)
Real nice rework of Cäss Fox's track.

Röger Shäh & Tënishia feat. Lorilee - I'm Not God (Roger Shäh Mix)
Trance. Killer breakdown and buildup.

TV Röck - Bëen A Löng Tïme (Axwëll's Unreleased Remix)
Axwell takes this track all over the place. High energy club track.

Cäzwell - Tönight (Cöunt Dë Money Extended Mix)
Sounds like an 80's track, love the chorus.


dj Tourist said...

I've been playing Stand Up religiously in my set for the past 4 months. Its a hit.

Nicky Barnes said...

The Schossow Remix is beautiful. Pity it's released at the wrong time of year. Could have been an Ibiza sunrise anthem. I guarantee you, Pete Tong would love this track. Oh well, we'll use it in South Africa.

Rage said...

Yeah I'm liking the Stand Up remix also.

Dodger said...

Yup liking Stand Up as well, tonight is 80's by the way.. Shannon - Give me tonight

DjFeRReLLie said...

I'm not God.. Great Mix. I'd love to hear some others

sam said...

nice remix...bout time!

Lotus said...

Awesome to hear more trance these days!