Friday, October 23, 2009

Tïk Tök

I'm kind of sneaking in a post before going to the club, ya'll ever heard of Tiesto? Tonight will no doubt be epic. Anyways, the first two are in the usual 320kbps but the last two aren't. They're so good you shouldn't mind or notice too much though. Enjoy.

Söurce - Yöu Göt The Löve (Chrïstian Dävies Bootleg Mix)
A twitter pickup, and it's a classic track too.

Pälm Sprïngs - DJ Pläy This Söng (Märcus & Schulz Remix)

Kësha - Tïk Tök (Mörningstar tweaks the Emb Extended Mix)
Really nice. Digital Eargasm Exclusive.

Kësha - Tïk Tök (Emb Extended Remix)
Really nice.

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