Monday, November 30, 2009

Löve My Möney

So after the Thanksgiving break and a move as well, I've come back with some good tracks for y'all. Enjoy.

Spëncer & Hïll - Löve My Möney (Päul Gëorge Bootleg)
Yöung Löve vs. Spënd My Möney, it doesn't get much better.

Dïzzee Räscal - Dïrtee Cäsh (Nïck Gälea Remix)
Great track, with loads of vocals then a solid dance beat.

Dämn-R - Every Frëaking Däy (Böom & Bäse Remix)
Pretty damn good, nice buildup of energy in this electo-house/trance track.

Dëadmau5 - I Rëmember/Overnight Cëlebrity (Chrïs Spïers Edit)
It works. Just trying to figure out when and where you could use it.

DJ Rëd & Jösh Dupont - The Wörld Is Mïne 2010 (Mïlk Bröthers Remix)
A little softer, a little smoother remix of their original rework.