Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Party Started

*Pink - "Get the party started (2009 malpractice bootleg remix)"
Nice Breakz mix!

*Ghettface vs Yanix - "Get Ripped"
Some mighty fine Sweet-Ass Hip-Hop influenced Breakz.

*Karim Razak - "iko iko (2009 karim razak & de jano remix)"

*Corona - "Rhythm of the night (2009 malpractice bootleg remix)"
Another good Break remix from Malpractice.


eSc said...

You know I love it when you get all breaksy on me DVR, Ima go ahead and thank you before I even listen.

Keep funky breaks alive!


Darryl Von Rokk said...

Thanks, man. What did you think after listening to them?

eSc said...

Rippin! I have been tryin to get some tracks together for a breaks mix for ages, and party started will make an excellent opener.

Just like I have been slowly indoctrinating the folks here in Virginia to the joys of electronic music thru remixes of shit they know, I am going to do the same with breaks.

Like with this:
Bigmouth Strikes 133 Again (David Starfire remix)

Did i get this from DE?

Anyway. Cheers again!

exzile said...

All I want for christmas is a ton of free break beat Remixes on Digital Eargasm!

Darryl Von Rokk said...

You try and pull that stuff in Maine, eSc! Holy shit! They only like what they hear on the radio. I just got the dj last week to play David Guetta - "Toyfriend"

lol...I'll see what I can do, Exzile!

eSc said...

I feel you pain DVR. I have played a 3 hour set every wed & friday at my residency for four years. It has become rote...

Hour one: Do what I want because no one is drunk enough to (OMG the shame!), dance, but I cant go right into outer space right away or people will bail.

Hour two: Best start making with the bimbo jones, digital dog, and esquire remixes of top forty pronto because I already have 57 aggressive requests for Bad Romance. Crowd stirs.

Hour three: Everyone is drunk enough that I can slip in some good shit here and there, but every other song better be at least marginally recognizable or I lose the floor and the night's over.

All I can say is thank god i live in a college town. Why? Because: international students! If I hear enough foreign voices about before I start, I go for the jugular and they DIG it. Last night, tons of germans so I rocked that awesome 'Sand and Sky' choon that Xardas hit the chatbox with. Result - minds blown. Feels good man.

Man. I feel like I just had a dj therapy session. Whew. Im afraid our hour is up... sorry for piling on your comment box!